Monday, October 31, 2011

in country training

Ericka our new volenteer from Scotia Bank arived so we were all taken on in country training. This time we took a tour of a few of the students houses in the comunities.

dress reh

Evelyn hard at work

back in Suchitoto

We arived into suchi with no questions at the border. it realy helps not to bring mac and cheese. The world is in a bit of chaos getting ready for washinton, so I did some sewing helped out with the props and tryed to get the lighting board working. there are still tons of circuts not working and a few less channels on the lighting board. The kids had a cable all made up to run from dmx to amx but I had to explain we needed to convert the protocol. we then removed all of the 2fers so there was only one lamp per circut. at the moment there are 3 working dimmers and we hard wired a couple other lamps to get through the dres sat evening. there is a DMX cable coming from San Salvador monday hopefully it will be all up and working soon.